[MOVIE] CuriosityStream – Butterfly Effect: Series 1 (2016) [6.34 GB]

0046cf5b [MOVIE] CuriosityStream - Butterfly Effect: Series 1 (2016) [6.34 GB]
CuriosityStream – Butterfly Effect: Series 1 (2016)
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Big movements of change have often started with tiny events or personal decisions that ended up affecting the history of our world.

Part 1: Alexander Becomes Great
What if Alexander had not died at the age of 32? What if he had listened to advisors and returned to Macedonia instead of going on his worldwide conquest? How does the legacy of ideals and leadership left from Alexander’s time resonate today?


Part 2: Race to the Moon
What is the future of the human presence in space? How might things be different if there had not been a Cold War and a Space Race? What does humanity gain by venturing into our solar system…and beyond?

Part 3: Martin Luther King Jr
What would the Civil Rights movement in the USA have been like if Martin Luther King, Jr. had not been motivating change? How does the legacy of the American Civil War still affect the American democracy?

Part 4: King Philippe of France and Richard the Lionheart of England

A series of battles in France had an impact on modern day Europe and the fates of three countries down to our modern century. What might have happened if Richard the Lionheart had not been wounded? Or Philippe Auguste of France had fled the battlefield?

Part 5: Confucius and China
The choices that Kong Qui, known in the West as Confucius, made during his career as a civil servant and administrator influenced an entire civilization. What if Kong Qui had been as opportunistic and corrupt as other officials? How might the fate of China and its worldview be changed?

Part 6: Ghengis Khan

How did the events of his childhood shape the man who would become Genghis Khan? What impact did the Mongol invasions have on the history of Asia and on the psyche of Europe?

Part 7: Chernobyl
The decisions of only a handful of individuals determined the course of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. What transpired over a few hours would have an impact on the local community, Russia, Europe and the globe.

Part 8: Samurai

The shape of Japan’s internal politics and the country’s response to external influences for centuries can be traced back to the choices of two warlords and a decisive battle. What was the Edo Period and how did it mold Japanese society?

Part 9: Einstein and the Manhattan Project
A famous scientist wrote to the President of the United States, and the face of war, and our world, was changed forever. How and why did humanity develop a weapon capable of almost total destruction?

Part 10: Rome vs Barbarians
The untimely death of the Roman Emperor of the Western Empire and the poor decisions of the Roman Emperor of the Eastern Empire change the fortunes of the Roman Army in their battle with the Goths. And this changes the future of Europe.

Part 11: The Internet
What if the source codes for the internet had remained with the US military, rather than being released to the world? How did our lives of unfettered internet access become a reality?

Part 12: The Birth of Rock
Elvis Presley paid $4 to record two songs for his mother and the rest, as they say, is history. But without Elvis, would rock and roll have gone the same route? And how have the many iterations of rock and roll developed and changed our taste and culture since the 1950’s?


0046cf5b [MOVIE] CuriosityStream - Butterfly Effect: Series 1 (2016) [6.34 GB]

0046cf5b [MOVIE] CuriosityStream - Butterfly Effect: Series 1 (2016) [6.34 GB]

0046cf5b [MOVIE] CuriosityStream - Butterfly Effect: Series 1 (2016) [6.34 GB]

0046cf5b [MOVIE] CuriosityStream - Butterfly Effect: Series 1 (2016) [6.34 GB]


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